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Summer Camp


We operate one of the most educational and fun summer camps in the North Alabama region. It's perfect for horse-crazy kids ages 6 and older, who get hands-on instruction on how to care for and ride horses. Each day's schedule includes riding lessons, information sessions about horses and their care, and arts and crafts inspired by horses, of course.

2014 Camp Dates
June 23-27

Camp tuition is $250 for the entire week. For more information please call (256) 280-6584 or (256) 341-8517.

 Horseback riding is a wonderful sport with more than just physical benefits. It is great exercise that strengthens muscles and improves balance and coordination while increasing poise, self-confidence, and self-esteem. There's no better way to give your child a sense of accomplishment and teach healthy cooperation skills. Most of all, it's fun!

We limit the size of our sessions so that each child receives personal attention and can progress at his or her own pace without ever feeling left out or left behind. Our emphasis at all times is on sportsmanship, safety, sharing, learning, and having fun.

Our Summer Camp includes:

Riding Lessons:
Your child does not need to have any previous experience with horses. He or she will learn to ride in a safe, positive, and supportive atmosphere, and will learn about the responsibilities of caring for horses and their equipment by grooming "their" horse before their daily lessons. Each child will participate in Horsemanship Lessons.

 Since children always want to know "why" and "how," we offer demonstrations and information sessions appropriate to our students' age level about horsemanship and horse care. Campers will learn and practice how to tack and un-tack a horse, how to bathe a horse, the basics of horse care and will even have "Special Guests" for demonstrations!

Arts and Crafts:
We have arts and crafts activities period featuring a variety of horse-themed decorative projects so your child can make his or her very own equestrian treasures. Campers will decorate horse shoes as well as be tested on the body parts of the horse with fun painting exercises! 

Campers will play a variety of games to reinforce learning and fun! Games include Relay Races, Simon Says, Red Light Green Light, Pin the tail on the pony, Treasure Hunt, and Water Games (so bring a bathing suit!)


1. As safety is paramount campers are REQUIRED to wear a certified equestrian riding helmet when riding. Can be purchased at Tractor Supply in Moulton.

**Campers with their own helmet are encouraged to bring it. The farm maintains loaner helmets that are available on a first-come, first-served basis.**

2. Jeans or Jodpurs. No shorts!

3. Riding boots, paddock boots, or shoes with a boot-like heel. No sneakers or cowboy boots may be worn while mounted.
No flip-flops or sandals may be worn on the property at any time except when water games are played.

4. To pack their own lunch each day except Friday. On Fridays the farm will grill out for lunch.

5. To be picked up promptly after the conclusion of camp every day. Supervision is not provided after the conclusion of each session and campers may not remain at the farm unattended unless they have a lesson immediately following camp.

We make every effort to keep the the Summer Fun Riding Camp not only fun and educational but also affordable. Camp tuition is $250 per child for the entire week. Tuition includes lessons, arts & crafts supplies, and other supplies. A $100 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of registration.

(Prices are subject to change)
NOTE: Camp will be cancelled if less than 6 children are enrolled 7 days prior to camp.
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