Single lessons may be purchased by homeschooled children ONLY for $25/lesson. **Discounted lesson price only valid for certain hours (Monday to Friday 8am-2:30 pm).**

Homeschool "Intro to Horses" Program

Registration is required two weeks in advance with a deposit or credit card number to hold. Minimum of four students is required to hold a class. 

If you do not see a day/time that works for you, please contact us!

To sign up for our horse course please click the registration link below. Someone will contact you for additional information and release forms.

Twin Lakes "Intro to Horses" Course is designed to introduce homeschooled students (ages 8 and up) to the wonderful world of horses. Each class (i.e. 101, 102, 103, etc.)  is held for eight consecutive weeks and lasts for two hours. The first hour is in the “classroom” learning about horses and their care. The second hour is dedicated to a structured lab and stable management. Homework and quizzes are given to reinforce learning. Because each course builds on the knowledge learned in earlier classes, students must take classes in order. (You cannot take Horse Course 103 unless you have completed 101 and 102). These classes are rated as a P.E. class and an Elective Science class (life Science). We embrace the homeschooling philosophy by having students progress at their own pace with the focus on developing a solid foundation both physical and academic.

Cost per student: $400 ($150 non-refundable deposit required) – just $50 per session!

*Additional charge for books and learning material*

2018 Session Dates

Spring Semester

HC101  (M) 9:30-11:30: Jan 8 - Feb 26

HC101 (W) 9:30-11:30: Jan 17 - Mar 7

HC102 (T) 9:00-11:00: Jan 9 - Feb 25

HC101 (F) 10:00-12:00: Feb 7 - Mar 28

HC101 (W) 9:30-11:30: Mar 7 - Apr 25

​HC101 (M) 9:30-11:30: Mar 5 - Apr 23

HC102 (T) 9:00-11:00: Mar 13 - May 1

HC103 (M) 12:30-2:30: Mar 5 - Apr 23