Twin Lakes Stable​

No Lesson Dates:

  • Oct 8-14

Upcoming Show Dates:

  • ​​ACCHS October 10-13 Decatur, AL 

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All TLS parents can visit this page to learn about upcoming events, deadlines, no lesson dates, show schedules, etc. 

Important Youth Club Membership Links:

All Twin Lakes Stable Academy Riders that are showing in the 2018 season must register for ASHA, ASHAA, and ETSA memberships. You must also fill out High Point Nomination forms for ETSA before the first show of the season. 3 memberships and 1 High Point Nomination - MUST renew each year for our Saddlebred Show & Academy Team. 2 memberships - MUST renew each year for our Pinto Show Team. 

ASHA General Membership​​ - Junior Membership $30 Click Here
​ASHA Youth Club Activity - SaddleTime - One Time Application Fee $20 Click Here
ASHAA - Youth Membership $15 Click Here
ETSA - Junior Membership $15 Click Here
UPHA - Junior Membership $35 (Performance Only) Click Here
​USEF - Junior Membership $55 (Performance Only) Click Here
​PtHA General Membership - Youth Membership $20 Click Here
Volunteer State PtHA - Youth Membership $15 Click Here

Parent Bulletin Board



  • The show will be requiring all exhibitors/riders/trainers/owners to sign liability release forms this year. Please make sure you have signed their form. 
  • Training horse cost for the show is $650-750
  • Academy cost is about the same but I will try to put two riders on each horse at least to keep cost down some. Which would make it $325-$375 hopefully. I know this is more expensive than most of our shows but they are going up on all expenses this year and my hauler has raised his pricing. If you cannot do it then I need to know by 9/25 otherwise you will be charged for your portion. 
  • We are doing a costume class also. Get up with Taylor about ideas on what we will be doing. 

NEW FOR 2019 -

  • ALL Academy riders will be required to sign up for shows via show sign up sheet located in the barn.
  • Late fees will be applied on a per horse basis and not per invoice.
  • Payment for each show will be required 3 weeks before we leave for the show. There is a show schedule with training horse price range listed on it. Academy will usually be $350 but depending on the show, it could be as much as $800. National Academy is $1,000 (or more)  plus hotel and hauling.